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The Dø

16 Things about The Dø (text of the video)
The first French band to reach the number 1 in the French charts with an English spoken album

  1. The Dø is one of the most talked-about new bands in Europe
  2. The Dø are Paris based duo, Olivia and Dan
  3. Olivia Merilahti is born in Finland (Helsinki, 1982)
  4. Dan Levy is born in France (Paris, 1976)
  5. Their great hit is the song "On my Shoulders"
  6. This song has been used in a TV commercial
  7. The TV ad popularized the song in Europe
  8. They have released one album "A mouthful"
  9. "A Mouthful" has been number one in France
  10. It is the first time a french record sung in english reaches number one in France
  11. The Dø would like to collaborate with Missy Elliott
  12. Olivia is a great fan of Björk
  13. Dan would like to be like J. Greenwood (guitar for Radiohead)
  14. Dan Levy is film composer
  15. Olivia is graduated from the Jazz Conservatory of Helsinky
  16. Dan and Olivia composed together the music of the film "The Passenger"

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