juan francisco casas
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 11:40AM
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10 Things about Juan Francisco Casas (text of the video)
Could a real artist uses a Ballpoint Pen?

  1. J. Francisco Casas (1976) is a Spanish artist
  2. He reproduces images he takes with his camera… with a Bic Pen
  3. In his work shows young people having fun
  4. He also shows sexy moments with his lovers
  5. J. Francisco Casas defines his work as:"Domestic Hedonism"
  6. He reflects the banality of today´s european youth
  7. J. Francisco Casas also paints oil on canvas
  8. "His work is a reaction against boring modern nihilism" Javier Rubio, ABC
  9. Influences: Erwim Wurm, Frans Hals, Wolfgang Tillmans
  10. He sells his works for up to 6.000 euros a piece
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