Nicole Locher
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 2:57PM
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12 Things about Nicole Locher (text of the video)
Take a walk on the wild Vintage

  1. Swiss designer Nicole Locher opened her boutique in Paris in 2001
  2. The concept behind her designs is "perversion with a touch of class"
  3. Nicole designs apparel, jewlery, purses and iphone cases
  4. She includes nasty phrases in her vintage designs
  5. Phrases like "suck", "spank me", "porn"...
  6. ..."kiss my ass", "fucked in the head" or "no good girl"
  7. She takes her inspiration from flea markets in Paris and London
  8. She grows up in a small village in the Swiss countryside
  9. Nicole Locher went to a Catholic School
  10. She likes the jazz singer Billie Holiday
  11. She would like to meet Jack Nicholson
  12. For her: "most women take themselves too serious"
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